Kunes Country is Dedicated
to Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to our success as a company, which means that we are dedicated to YOUR success as a Kunes Country Team Member.

We take being a BEST DEALERSHIP TO WORK FOR seriously, and need you to know that you have all the support you need to be the best at what you do! If you have any questions on how to do something — or do it better — and your manager can't answer, reach out to one of these helpful Kunes Country Team Members.

RON HUTTER - Corporate Sales Trainer

Ron conducts monthly intensive classes for sales team members and quarterly sessions for managers. Ron will be in your store quite frequently to assist wherever needed in sales processes, tactics, great ideas and more.  He's an excellent resource — USE HIM and get more deals sold!  ron.hutter@kunescountry.com

HEATHER NICHOLS - Service Department

Heather travels from store to store working with our Service Managers and Advisors. If you have any questions regarding anything related to the Service Department (even if you're not in the Service Department), Heather can help. heather.nichols@kunescountry.com

DAVE HUMPHREY - Parts Director

Dave works with all of our Parts Departments, ensuring best practices are in place and everything's humming.  Reach out to Dave for any Parts related questions you may have. dave.humphrey@kunescountry.com

SUE SIMPSON - Office & Accounting

Sue assists all of our offices with training and managing the daily load they encounter.  Please contact Sue at sue-simpson@kunescountry.com

MEGAN TISLAU - Lead Handling

Megan works with all of our stores on Internet & Phone lead handling skills.  Her goal is to improve our customer engagement to increase sales opportunities and closing rates.    You can reach Megan at (262) 728-5544 or megan@kunescountry.com

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SCOT HENSEL - Director of Special Finance

Scot heads up our Special Finance Departments and absolutely wants you to reach out before you mark any deal dead! scot.hensel@kunescountry.com

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