June 18, 2019

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November 12, 2018

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Wow - Up to 24 Stores Just like that!

November 1, 2019

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New Plate Frames & Stickers

July 3, 2018

Hey all - Plate Frames & Stickers are the least expensive advertising we have, and now that we've changed our logo more than a year ago, it's time we have everything uniform & looking good.

1 - All vehicles on the lot should either have the semi-new plate frame with the logo with the heart, or the new plate frame that says our website at the top, and KUNES COUNTRY in bold letters at the bottom.   ALL OTHER FRAMES SHOULD BE TOSSED!

2 - At Delivery,  please remove the frame with our logo & replace it with the new one with Bold letters.  THEN TOSS THE LOGO ONE.

3 - All plate inserts should only have the logo with the heart  - TOSS ALL OTHERS

4 - All vehicles on the lot should have the NEW, LARGER STICKER that only says Kunes Country with the heart... or the sticker with our current logo.  All others should be removed & tossed.

5 - Every trade or purchased vehicle in gets a NEW larger sticker & plate frame with the bold letters.

6 - Employees - we ask that you remove any other dealer name from your personal vehicle and put on Kunes Country - we support each other.

7 - Service Department - swap out other dealer's plate frames, and swap out our plate frames that are old, broken or faded. 

THANK YOU !    Keeping our stores looking good and our name visible & out there is all of our jobs.  



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